What if You Were Told You Could Easily Monitor Everything Your Employees Did on the Computer?

Many employers, everywhere, are wising up. Employers conduct undercover investigations seeking information what it is their employees are doing while they are away. However, one of the most critical times an employer is in jeopardy of a treacherous employee costing him or her the company’s reputation and financial positioning is a time when he or she is in the stage of growth It many times costs a fortune to appropriately monitor such activity.

employee monitoring

Undercover operatives are useful. They detect employee theft, in-house hackers, persons engaged in stealing the company’s private information and more. They catch employees conducting personal actions, outside of breaks, and not performing their job tasks. Again, this information is useful to an employer; however, when in a growth stage the small to mid-size organization is only afforded so much in the way of financial resources in order to address such behaviorally inappropriate actions carried out by deceiving employees.

An economical answer or solution though is now available. The Spyrix software solution is what small to mid-sized organizations, everywhere, are choosing in order to effectively and affordably monitor the activities of their employees, overall, on their personal computer systems.

The software solution makes concerns with regard to employees conducting non-work related activities a thing of the past.

The employer is able to remotely monitor the employee’s activities without the employee knowing or becoming suspicious that this type of behavior, on the part of his or her employer, is taking place.

The employer is able to monitor the employee’s keystrokes. As a result, he or she is able to determine what information the employee is sharing with individuals that are possibly without any scruples. He or she is able to detect hacking activities. The employer, too, can find out if the employee is sharing the company’s confidential information with anyone.

The employer, can additionally observe his or her employee in live action; anytime it is he or she may wish–and again, all from a remote location.

Many times an employee will become comfortable. The old saying which states: the mice will play when the cat is away is appropriate in this regard. Psychologically, because there is no supervisor present, even if the employee knows such applications exist, within the back of his or her mind, he or she will become comfortable and begin engaging in non-work related activities. He or she may stay away from his or her work area much longer than dictated by company policy.

These types of behaviors, on the part of the employee, are easily detectable with the Spyrix software application. The product truly provides peace of mind for the company owner, and is an invaluable application in detecting employee activities from a remote site.